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This video for Criterion was shot at our record release show on April 14, 2017 at Township in Chicago.
The great Nordic Thunder (Justin Howard) on background lights.
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With this debut EP, the Chicago-based quartet of Marmora introduce themselves to the world in high style, with the three brothers Salazar (Alejandro on bass, Ulysses on drums, and Zaid on guitar) joined by Allen Cardenas on vocals/synth/guitar. Leading with the title track, the music strides out into a rich blend of '70s heavy metal and modern heavy rock, working tasty licks and solid riffs, with bridges that ramp up the energy and quickly kick ass. “Apathy” follows, quickly putting lie to the name by busting out some hard, near-punk raucousness, and barreling along on a drum-bass combo chugger that belts along with building power into a crashing finish. And lastly, “Flowers in Your Garden” twists back into the heavy rock/metal terrain, growling out another beastly riff dabbed up with some bluesy sighs from the guitars, and coming to an end with pizzazz. - The Burning Beard

Chelas In The Morning

Marmora's first fiery seven-inch release, Chelas In The Morning, was released on Machine Wash Music in the Spring of 2012. Both the title track and the b-side ("You Fuckin' Bitch") come through your speakers like a freight train, but without the cluttered nature that many thrashy blues/rock bands deliver. All members play off each other extraordinarily well, and even as Zaid's guitar licks take front and center, Marmora's rhythm section remains not only busy, but downright nasty. Put to tape at Chicago's renowned Bricktop Recording, this is a seven-inch that leaves you begging for more.

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